Gentleman’s Scotch Whisky Club

One of the most amusing parts of being a graphic designer are the miscellaneous requests. From church programs and random baby Photoshopping, creatives know that they will be called upon for personal asks.

My favorite spirit would be Scotch Whisky, and I have been a member of a Washington DC-based social club that has been active for nearly twenty years.

There was an illustration floating about for potential collateral that had never been adapted (see below). As an assignment, I took several elements from the drawing (including the medieval helmet and wings, crown, cicadas, roses and flags representing the District of Columbia, the United States and Scotland.

Fun fact: Apparently cicadas are particular to D.C. as they overrun the area every 17 years!)

Take a look below.

Gentleman's Scotch Whisky Club
Mockup of emblem on whisky glasses